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We have heard from so many of you who share our outrage and grief at not only the murder of George Floyd, but the racism inherent in our current systems which led to this horrific event, and too many others like it. We are listening to and learning from our partners about how we can best support important reforms, and today offer an urgent, tangible way to use your voice to make a difference – and strongly urge you to do so.

This afternoon, the City Council of Kansas City, MO will deliberate Ordinance 200390, which would explicitly provide the right of people to record via audio or video their interactions with police officers and some emergency personnel.

JCRB|AJC joins Jewish communities across the nation in expressing our grief over the tragic death of George Floyd, who was murdered in broad daylight by police in Minneapolis. This death is yet another in a disturbingly long list of similar incidents and inexcusable injustices that have been perpetrated against African Americans across the United States. We stand in solidarity with the African American community, and call on people of all races, ethnic backgrounds and faiths to speak up now against the systemic racism that is a long-standing stain on our country, for which we all share responsibility.

We are pleased to share with you special online offerings from Advocacy Anywhere, Powered by AJC, which allow you to engage with AJC’s leading experts, content, and advocacy opportunities from the comfort of your home. There are programs open to the general public, as well as those geared specifically towards students and young professionals. Past programs are also available.

May 12, 2020

On behalf of the Asian and Asian American, Jewish, and Muslim communities of Greater Kansas City, we write to express our solidarity with one another and our mutual concern at the ways in which the COVID-19 crisis has fueled fear and scapegoating in our society.