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“JCRB|AJC addresses the issue of antisemitism to help ordinary citizens understand its effect on communities. More importantly it provides concrete ideas to help eradicate violence and discrimination. Even advocates of diversity and inclusion will learn new ways to help their workplace, place of worship and community understand how to create allyship and understanding.
This presentation is a must for all communities."

Praise from The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce:

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JCRB|AJC provides a range of in-person and virtual presentations that educate about antisemitism, Islamophobia, and Jewish and Muslim religious observances.  Some of our presentations are in partnership with the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education (MCHE) and our Muslim community partners.  Customized presentations are available upon request.


Understanding and Supporting Jewish Students (1 hour)

This training explains Jewish religious observances and how to best accommodate Jewish students and staff during Jewish holidays, how antisemitism is a unique form of hatred and how to properly identify its various manifestations, and what antisemitism looks like for Jewish students in Kansas City and how educators can be allies to their students. 

Understanding and Supporting Jewish and Muslim Students  (1.5 - 2 hours)

We partner with the Muslim Community to deliver presentations on Muslim and Jewish religious observances, antisemitism, and Islamophobia. 


Understanding and Combating Contemporary Antisemitism (1 hour)

This training into depth to explain contemporary antisemitism – main stereotypes and tropes, code words and dog whistles, and various manifestations of antisemitism, including Holocaust distortion and distinguishing between legitimate criticism of Israel and antisemitism masked as Israel rhetoric. We discuss antisemitism as a unique form of hatred, the various manifestations of contemporary antisemitism, and what the Kansas City community can do to help lower the levels of antisemitism in America. Depending on the setting, we can add another brief section in the beginning of the presentation around Jewish holidays and how to best accommodate Jewish employees/colleagues, etc.