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Combating Antisemitism

Advocacy Work

Combating Antisemitism

Antisemitism is the world's oldest hatred. In recent years, we have witnessed violent attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions, and anti-Jewish sentiments expressed by the leaders of far right- and left-wing political parties. JCRB|AJC counters antisemitism in all its guises by calling on our government to act and by organizing coalitions with other faith and ethnic groups to forge a united front against hate. 

If you have experienced an incident of antisemitism, or know of someone who has, please take a moment to complete an Incident Report.

Legislative Advocacy and Coalition Building:

JCRB|AJC advocates for legislation that empowers our government stand up against antisemitism and hate, promotes Holocaust education, and protects faith and minority communities. 

  • Several of our Members of Congress have joined the Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Antisemitism, which now exists in the House and the Senate. You can encourage your Members of Congress to join here.
  • Together with our Muslim Jewish Advisory Council, which JCRB|AJC co-convenes with the Crescent Peace Society, we advocate to improve hate crime reporting, to address the rise in hate crimes affecting both our communities. You can take action with us by clicking here

Educating the Community:

To stop antisemitism, we first have to understand it. By calling it out online and in the real world, we can recognize antisemitic words, phrases, ideas, and caricatures for what they really are—hatred, bigotry, discrimination. Together, we can identify and expose the hate that’s hiding between the lines and translate it into something positive.