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Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT)

PREP Education Initiatives

Leaders for Tomorrow

Today’s high school students are tomorrow’s Jewish leaders. In 2019, JCRB|AJC launched AJC's Leaders For Tomorrow (LFT) program, which empowers young Jews to speak up for Israel and the Jewish people.

LFT is a seven-month-long leadership development program for high school students, grades 10-12. The program helps high school students develop a strong Jewish identity and trains them as advocates for Israel, and to be voices against antisemitism. LFT gives students the tools to talk about the issues impacting world Jewry today, and the confidence to stand up for these issues in college and throughout their lives, no matter how difficult the situation.

Over the course of the school year our LFT cohort meets for seven interactive and engaging sessions, one Sunday per month.   

Applications for the 2022-2023 Kansas City LFT cohort are now open. Click here to apply

Please contact with any questions.

Feedback from Kansas City LFT alumni and parents

"LFT has given me tools to be a stronger Jewish advocate, a stronger advocate for Israel and against antisemitism! This will definitely help strengthen my identity and advocacy skills going forward!"   —Emma J., 2020-2021 cohort

"I can use the tools I learned in real life to advocate not only for Israel and the Jewish people but also other things I am passionate about."   — Gabby F., 2020-2021 cohort

"LFT has given me the tools to confront antisemitism and to explain the history of Zionism and Judaism. The program has definitely helped me have a better understanding of antisemitism."  — LFT Student, 2020-2021 cohort

"LFT has helped me because I learned so much through these sessions and I can now advocate for myself." —Mathew S., 2020-2021 cohort

"The program has been phenomenal. High-level programs, great things to think about, solid ideas of how to approach subjects.  It is high praise for my daughter to come back from the meetings and consistently say that she learned so much or that she "never thought about something in that way." — LFT parent, 2019-2020 cohort

"The program and facilitators are awesome, and LFT is a great opportunity to talk to a group of bright, nice kids who also care about Israel. In LFT, you get to explore subjects such as the difference between education and advocacy, whether antisemitism is the same as being "anti-Israel", the political and cultural aspects of Israel, relationships between Israel and other nations, and more. Fantastic guest speakers are brought in and excellent resources are provided by AJC for outside reading. Overall, an amazing program. Thank you, LFT!"                    — LFT student, 2019-2020 cohort

“As a Jewish teen in the 21st century, it’s important to be educated on the various types of antisemitism and where it stems from. LFT has allowed me to expand my knowledge on different types of antisemitism, as well as how to combat it as a strong Jewish leader.”                 — LFT student, 2019-2020 cohort

LFT in Kansas City is funded in part by the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City.