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If you or your student is experiencing antisemitism in school, or is not being properly accommodated, please contact JCRB|AJC.  

Parents can also complete an Incident Report. Students can complete a Student Incident Report


JCRB|AJC, through its Education Committee, cultivates relationships with school districts and educational leaders around our region. We also distribute a Calendar of Jewish Holidays each year to ensure that Jewish students are accommodated in their schools.

We can provide assistance in some of the following ways:

  • Student or Faculty Tension Arising from Antisemitism or Intolerance: We can assist with anything from proactive education to responsive consultation and conflict mediation;
  • Religious Observance: We can address broad inquiries about the fundamentals of Judaism, or help find appropriate speakers for educational presentations;
  • Scheduling and the Jewish Calendar: In addition to our yearly calendar detailing Jewish holidays that impact student attendance, we can answer questions regarding specific scheduling and potential conflicts;
  • Student, Faculty, or Parental Concerns Regarding Curriculum: We can provide our perspective and suggest possible solutions regarding curriculum on sensitive topics such as Israel/Palestine, the Middle East, and religion; and
  • Current Events Involving Israel, Antisemitism, or Other Extremism: We can help navigate events that are likely to create tension in schools and offer our insight and resources to assist in addressing such events constructively

If you or your student is experiencing antisemitism in school, or is not being properly accommodated, please contact JCRB|AJC.  


JCRB|AJC works to ensure that young Jews in Kansas City are informed, prepared, and effective advocates for the Jewish people and for themselves.

We do so in some of the following ways:

  • Reporting: Students who have experienced or witnessed antisemitism can fill out a Student Incident Report. JCRB|AJC wants to better understand the experiences of Jewish students so that we can best adapt our programming and response. The information students provide is kept strictly confidential. JCRB|AJC will not take further action unless explicitly requested.  
  • Resources: Students and their families can find resources on Antisemitism and Israel here
  • Leadership Development: Jewish high school students can participate in AJC's Leaders for Tomorrow (LFT) program.
  • Conversations and Training: JCRB|AJC can offer training about contemporary antisemitism to Jewish student groups. Please contact for more information.