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Who We Are

Our History

JCRB|AJC is a unique hybrid agency of both a local community relations agency and AJC, the Global Jewish Advocacy organization. Jewish Community Relations Bureau (JCRB) was founded in 1944, when Jews could do little to save their brothers and sisters trapped in the Holocaust. AJC's Kansas City Chapter was formed in 1951.

JCRB merged with the Kansas City AJC office in 1991, becoming JCRB|AJC. We serve as AJC's regional office for Kansas and Western Missouri. This blending was “a first for AJC,” offering “a workable configuration for both agencies to serve smaller and medium-sized Jewish communities in a way not possible previously.”  

Today we continue our work to advocate and educate, on behalf of the Jewish Community, to eliminate injustice and discrimination at home and abroad.

To learn more about JCRB|AJC, click here.